Contact information
Lise-Lotte Janson,,
+ 46 708 221271

Ulf Persson,,
+ 46 70 530 7720


WC organization
Swedish Casting Federation.

Tournament director team
Lise-Lotte Janson
Ulf Persson
Stina Christersson
Thorgei Gustavsen
Ludwig Janson
Chief judge                 
Thorgei Gustavsen

World Championsship 2018 will be held at an historical arena, downtown Ronneby.
All participants and companions will stay at Hotel Ronneby Brunn. Since 1705 , people have been coming to Ronneby Brunn to relax, socialize and improve their health.
During the glory days of health resorts the guests came here, not only to drink healthy water from the well, but also to indulge in good food, entertain themselves and talk business on the porch of the hotel. Read more about Ronneby Brunn,